Rural Intelligence on Hudson Valley CeramicsRURAL INTELLIGENCE
Kiln to Table: Local Ceramics in the Dining Room.
"All the dinnerware at Fish and Game comes from artisans Pelaccio personally knows, all within a three-hour drive from the restaurant, including Tivoli Tile Works. A marriage of clean elegance and natural shape and edging, Caroline Wallner’s vessels become a piece of the restaurant experience."    Read >> 

Basilica Farm + Flea Vendor Spotlight:
Caroline Wallner of Tivoli Tile Works
A little bit about the who / what / where / when / why of Tivoli Tile Works. "I started Tivoli Tile Works in the summer of 1998 on the corner of 9 and 9G in the town of Tivoli. 'Reasonable and Unreasonable' was painted on my first sign for my first shop, taken from Beatrice Woods."    Read >> 

Pottery, once made in Tivoli, makes reappearance.
"Caroline Wallner has made a name for herself as a go-to artist for handmade pottery, ranging from vases to dinnerware. The functional art pieces can be found in the cupboards of such celebrities as Daniel Day-Lewis, Claire Danes, and Patti Smith."   Read >> 

Upstate Funk 
This British feature on The Hudson Valley gives the nod to Tivoli Tile Work's bird cups. "Rhiannon Batten takes a look around The Barn in Tivoli, a rustic retreat that’s a hit with city dwellers."    Read >> 

Hudson Valley Hues: At Home with an Inventive Textile Designer.
This article, about the beautifully remodeled 1880s Rhinebeck farmhouse of designer Dunja Von Stoddard, features dinnerware from Tivoli Tile Works.    Read >>